You've been signing the wrong contracts!!! Learn the art of venue negotiation & get more for FREE before you sign the contract!


Let us teach you the art of negotiation with a hotel/venue...


We love sharing our wealth of knowledge with our community, so here is a gem that will ensure you get the most out of your hotel/venue and more BANG for your buck!

  • Be Nice - First up, be sure to treat your contact at the hotel with honey rather than vinegar; complaining will get you nowhere, but people will find it very difficult to refuse your requests if you've been as nice as pie! 

“If You Want to Gather Honey, Don't Kick Over the Beehive” Dale Carnegie

  • Timing Is Key - Get a deal on the table; ensure that everything you NEED is included in the quote from the venue, once that is in writing on an email, with a price they are asking, then, and only then, can you start to negotiate. 
  • Have a Clear Goal - Decide what exactly it is that you want from them - is your budget of paramount importance? Has the quote exceeded it? Or is budget less important and you really want some free Champagne, canapés, the extended after hours room hire removed, work out what it is you want the most.
  • HOW TO REQUEST A PRICE DROP - Offer them something in exchange for a reduction - for example we commonly use the phrase " if I can get our clients to confirm this event with you by xx date (not too far in the future) then will you please match their budget of £***?" This is then a start of a process, they may come back with a middle ground offering, and you will then need to counter their offer. We often draw on prices quoted by other venues for the same event, usually showing cases where 2 or even 3 hotels have quoted a much lower price for the same event. Your contact at the venue will find it extremely hard to refuse your request faced with evidence of lower priced competition and the possibility of getting this event signed and contracted without too much more time spent on it. If this doesn't work, pick through the charges and ask for specific charges/rates to be re-looked at - often late night room hire charges or additional costs for Screen / projector can be dropped from the quote - you just have to know to ask!
  • HOW TO REQUEST ADDED VALUE - This one is an easy ask, and one the venues typically prefer. It won't affect their top line, but will give you that all desired bang for your buck, I will often suggest that I'll "push my clients to confirm by the end of the week" if I know the client is particularly keen on the venue and will move quickly. I can then ask the venue to drop in a sweetener for this benefit of a fast turnaround. Depending on the event, say a corporate meeting; I will ask for lunch upgrades or upgraded snacks in the afternoon from biscuits to afternoon tea, or breakfast rolls for example, but if it is an evening event for a large group, I'm more inclined to request an upgrade from Prosecco to Champagne for the reception or an extra hour of unlimited drinks, or free snacks at 11pm. All of these upgrades are negligible in terms of outgoing costs for the venues but they certainly make a difference to the event!

Remember, the most important art of negotiation is to be really kind and lovely to the contact at the venue; ask them how their day is going, or what they're doing at the weekend... and they will be far more keen to grant you anything you ask for ????

Want to leave it up to us? We love negotiating deals for our clients, pop us a call now to discuss your requirements and we will get you the best deal - even if you've already sourced the venue of your dreams, if you haven't committed to the contract yet, we can take over the negotiations for you - our service is free - as we get a commission from the venue (not you!!)





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Thursday 1st January 1970