EXPOSED! 8 ways to execute the most successful event, like a pro, without any experience!

#3 is a gamechanger!



  1. Set clear goals & objectives: - who, what, where, when, how, budget, you can then follow up post event to measure your effectiveness.
  2. Create a budget tracker – keep an eye on your spending, and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or added value from suppliers. Event management companies are really good at getting added value and discounts as they use their immense buying power and contacts in the industry.
  3. Create an event timeline – a spreadsheet calendar with trackable objectives and deadlines is your best friend when organising an event – don’t know where to start making one? We will send you a template if you click here.
  4. Understand your audience – know their demographics and target the content directly to them
  5. Stakeholders – understand who your stakeholders are and prioritise their needs or desires.
  6. On the day – arrive early, use a checklist to ensure that everything and everyone has arrived on time, have a supplier checklist on you at all times, with names of people expected and their contact numbers for on the day – that way, if a speaker hasn’t turned up you can call them straight away.
  7. Don’t overlook the food for the crew – they won’t thank you & you need them on side!
  8. Follow up with delegates post event – send out mail questionnaires – keep them short, make them fun, LEARN from them!


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Date Published

Thursday 17th September 2020